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Application Security Specialists, 38 yo from Milan, Italy. Proud father and Taekwon-do ITF athlete

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Codesake::Dawn - The security code scanner for Ruby

Codesake::Dawn is a source code scanner designed to review your code for security issues.

Codesake::Dawn is able to scan your ruby standalone programs but its main usage is to deal with web applications. It supports applications written using majors MVC (Model View Controller) frameworks, like:

Codesake::Dawn version 1.0 has 142 security checks loaded in its knowledge base. Most of them are CVE bulletins, that applies to gems, framework or the ruby interpreter itself.

When you run Codesake::Dawn on your code it parses your project Gemfile.lock looking for the gems used and it tries to detect the ruby interpreter version you are using or you declared in your ruby version management tool you like most (RVM, rbenv, …).

Then the tool tries to detect the MVC framework your web application uses and it applies the security check accordingly. There checks designed to match rails application or checks that are appliable to any ruby code.

Codesake::Dawn can also understands the code in your views and to backtrack sinks to spot cross site scripting and sql injections introduced by the code you actually wrote. In the project roadmap this is the code most of the future development effort will be focused on.

Codesake::Dawn security scan result is a list of vulnerabilities with some mitigation actions you want to follow in order to build a stronger web application.