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[ANNOUNCE]: Codesake::Dawn v1.0.0 released


It was 2006 and I was first introduced to OWASP world. Since writing safe code was my primary concern since that, I started the Owasp Orizon project to provide a securiy code review engine for Java web applications. That project was a failure. I produced something working but decompiling and interpreting a source code out of the box was a nightmare.

During the years I learnt that the quest for safe code can’t be fight only with an automatic scanning tool. There must be some human interaction to avoid reports full of false positives or nonsense issues.

They were the years I felt in love with Ruby programming language and the related MVC framework used to build web application smoothly (or at least, to start having a working prototype very quickly). I started writing my application security script in Ruby and I started to give talks about the usage of Ruby in a penetration test.

In March 2013, all of those experiencies made me to create the Codesake::Dawn project as an opensource source code scanner for security issues for ruby written code.

It’s all true: we hit version 1.0

After 9 months, I covered all security bulletins since today (21st January 2014) excluding some CVEs there are no enough information on the wild for me to write a security check. They are already included in the roadmap for version 1.1.0.

As far as today there are 142 security checks in the Codesake::Dawn knowledge base. By now the scanner finds vulnerabilities provided by third party gems included in your Gemfile.lock file. However this is just the very first step.

For Sinatra web applications there is a rough support for HAML views scanning to find sinks for cross site scripting vulnerabilities. The capability of scan custom code for cross site scripting, injection flaws and business logic issues is the main concern for upcoming Codesake::Dawn releases.

After all Rome wasn’t build in a day, was it!?!

Install it and have fun

Installing the Codesake::Dawn rubygem is straightforward. Just issue the command gem install codesake-dawn at the time your reading this and version 1.0.0 will be installed in your system.

Including codesake-dawn in your project bundle, it gives you also a rake task you may want to use in your continous integration process. Just type rake dawn to invoke Codesake::Dawn on the current directory.

The press release announcement

After 9 months of development, it’s now time for Codesake::Dawn security source code scanner first major release.

Codesake::Dawn is a static analysis security scanner for ruby written web applications. It supports Sinatra, Padrino and Ruby on Rails frameworks.

Version 1.0 introduces 142 security checks against public bulletins since 2006, you can use to check the vulnerabilities introduced by third party libraries your web application include in its Gemfile.

Writing safe code it’s important, but sometimes security issues are introduced by third party code your application relies on. As example, consider a SQL Injection vulnerability introduced by Ruby on Rails framework. Despite the effort you spend in sanitize inputs, your web application inherits the vulnerability suffering as well. An attacker can easily exploit it and break into your database unless you upgrade the offended gem.

There is a comprehensive set of command line flags you can read more by issuing dawn -h flag or by reading project README file.

The list of security checks included in version 1.0.0 can be found online at:

You can use facilities provided by github to submit bug reports, product enhancements, new security checks you want to me to add in future releases and even success stories.

Now it’s time for you to install Codesake::Dawn version 1.0.0 with the following command and start reviewing your code for security issues:

$ gem install codesake-dawn

Enjoy it! Paolo -

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